The Land of the Fallen. A dark and ominous world filled with beings that are deemed to be a human’s worst nightmare. It could almost be considered hell.

            It was never always like this. It used to be a world full of peace and harmony. But that was destroyed by the mere darkness of one’s heart, leading to a divide in their society.

            The House of Erebus. The fiends of the world. A family whose morals are to control their blood thirst by feeding on animals rather than on their allies. They are the vampires. Your clichéd, blood sucking monsters that you have probably seen in the Twilight series. The shadows of the night.

            The House of Cassiel. The fallen angels. A family who uncontrollably grow their wings when the moon arises at night. The hunters of the day.

            They are the gift of God whereas the vampires are the demons. And what happens when an angel encounters a demon and is bitten? Their beautiful white wings turn black, and their venom devours them inside out. Painfully and slowly. And that is exactly what happened to start a timeless feud between the two species. 

            Both families eventually come to an agreement to stay out of each other’s ways. However, childhood friends, Adrianna and Nathaniel, vampire and angel respectively, try to break this agreement due to their love for each other and are banished to the human world as punishment.

            Adrianna and Nathaniel are reborn, living different lives, under different names, with no recollection of their former lives and of each other. But when they both turn eighteen, they become what they truly were in the supernatural world and begin to remember their lives in the alternative world, and each of other.