Right now I am undergoing the daunting task of finding a summer job, to earn a bit of money during my transition from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s degree. Am I finding it easy? Not at all… 

Surely most employers would understand the struggles of being a student, right? The amount of debt we are going to be in, how long the summer is going to be, how much rent is going to cost etc etc. Surely they would need more staff during the summer period even on a part-time basis if need be. 

I am one of those people who would like to earn as much money as I can this summer, in preparation of my final year in education. Although I am going to be living with my boyfriend in the academic year, I am going to find it difficult to pay for rent and to commute to and from my chosen university and the city in which I am going to live. So a summer job would be very useful to help me financially for the next year. 

I don’t mean to degrade any company or firm in this little rant, nor am I going to point out certain companies. But it does get a little bit frustrating when a job vacancy being advertised does not specifically tell you if you can be hired on a temporary basis. For us students, seasonal and temporary contracts are our allies. But it is very rare to find these types of jobs. 

I understand that companies like to keep people on, especially in the retail sector, but I personally find it unfair for us students who would like to be earning some money in the pause of our studies. I for one is fully available until September, apart from the odd day here and there, and I would like to be doing something productive during my days. Instead of sitting around the house all day, binge watching TV shows and sleeping. 

I just wish that most companies would give students a little bit more credit for the effort they go through to find a job to begin with, even if they have no completed their studies, and give them a chance in working in their working enviornment granted that they are qualified to do so. People come and go from various companies, what makes students any different?