DC have finally made a decent film since Man of Steel.

After seeing the wonderful Diana in Batman Vs. Superman (Honestly, the best thing about that train wreck of a film), Wonder Woman explores the origin story of the Amazonian warrior, who leaves her birth home to fight in World War One. 

Now let me talk about this fine woman…

wonder-woman-gal-gadot-ultimate-edition-1024x681Diana Prince. A woman full of fire and passion. She could take on any man in sight and would not hesitate to fight if things don’t go her way. Although fiction, Diana can be an inspiration to all women. A feminist icon to say. A great example of empowerment. She knew what she wanted and grabbed it when the opportunity arose. 

Gal Gadot was perfect for the role of Diana. Cunning, independent, fearless. She was pretty badass in the Fast & Furious films, but as the lead, jumping from one big franchise to another, she took acting and doing the action to the next level. She must have enjoyed filming this so much with the amount of action there was. 

When they first revealed that the Israeli actress was cast as the front woman of the Justice League, I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. I have heard other people complain about her being cast, that they should have cast an American actress… But I think, giving the background of Diana, being an Amazonian with a hint of Greek culture, casting an actress with a Middle Eastern background and look fits the character credentials. 
As well as the brilliant performance from the lead herself, Wonder Woman also provides us with plenty of action and a well thought-out plot and necessary character development. All being, in my eyes, quite simple but effective. 

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot

The chemistry between Diana and Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, did undoubtedly work. Both actors seemed to mesh well together, without making it totally cliché like I’ve seen in other superhero films. It was nice to finally see the man being the Damsel in Distress directly instead of implying it. Diana is evidently a lot stronger than most of the other characters in this film, but she does learn to love. However, they did a good job in trying to avoid making it a love story more than an origin story of the strongest female superhero in any comic universe. It was more of an element of the plot which makes it more emotional, especially towards what happens towards the end (Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers). 

In general, the plot was very straightforward to understand and overall, the acting was satisfying to watch. I am glad they did not cast too many well-known faces in the film to redirect the attention of the actual star of the film. Something I’m very grateful for in a film like this. The graphics and special effects were fantastic, and it really captured the sense of being in Paradise, on the to Island of Themyscira to the horrors of World War One. It really did capture the horrors of war. I love the music in it and I always have since they introduced her theme in Batman Vs. Superman

I don’t really know what else to say really… It was… Pardon my French…

F***KING SPECTACULAR and I would 100% recommend watching it if you haven’t already. I could watch it countless times because it is just incredible. The character development of Diana herself was worth waiting for and trust me, you won’t forget it. 

And yes… Diana can kick any guy’s ass. 

RATING: 9/10