It is pretty clear that Love Island is the most talked about reality show this summer. Hot girls wearing bikinis, buff boys who are shirtless 24/7… drama, drama, and more drama… But how can people in the outside world relate to the situations in the villa? Here is what I have observed whilst watching this year’s series. 

Love Island 2017
Original contestants of Love Island 2017

1) Nice girls are often overshadowed by the more confident girls. 

Based on all of the girls currently in the villa, the only ones who seem to be the most genuine are Camilla, Montana and Gabby. Obviously, people often judge a person first based on how they look, and there’s no denying that Amber, Olivia and Tyla are attractive girls… but… they seem like the girls are what most of the boys in the villa would hookup with on a night out rather than potential girlfriend/wife material. And isn’t that the whole point of the show? 

It was infuriating when the boys earlier on in the series were looking at the girls and they were talking about how conservative Camilla was in the way she was dressed and referred to her as ‘wife material’, yet half of them were willing to settle with girls who have bitchy and selfish personalities over those who are genuinely nice. I’m not suggesting that the other girls are not nice people, but based on what has been seen, they appear to be quite shallow and have big personalities. 

I have noticed similarities in the outside world, especially when coming to university. The more confident girls often get the guys, even if the girls are sour, often argumentative or have blank personalities. They often tower over the individuals who are not that confident or talkative when it comes to ‘grafting’. 


2) It is more difficult to connect with people if you’re shy/awkward. 

This leads on to what has been previously said… Camilla is a prime example of this. It is evident that she is naturally reserved and has her barriers up, which is why she and Johnny did not work out the way we all hoped. 

Camilla Thurlow 

I for one can relate to Camilla. Genuinely an awkward and reserved individual. For years, it would take me longer to connect with anyone, especially those of the opposite sex. This may also be down to how confident an individual is. It is clear that girls like Amber and Olivia would have a better chance of pulling in a night club than girls like Camilla. 

It may also be down to past relationships as to why girls like Camilla find it difficult to connect with the opposite sex. Bad experiences can result in an individual putting their guard up, and that is exactly what happened when Johnny had effectively ditched Camilla for Tyla. And if you’re naturally an anxious person like Camilla, it takes longer for your guard to be brought down quicker than other people.  

2) Boys will be boys… 

Regardless of what people say, the majority of boys tend to go for one night stands rather than seek a relationship. Boys will also talk to other boys about who they find attractive, who and how many girls they’ve slept with, and may compare different sizes for all we would know. I’m not suggesting that all boys behave like this, but you will often come across guys who talk and think with their dick rather than with their heart and mind. 

Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes 

It is also clear that boys can be incredibly competitive. Especially given the drama that happened on last night’s episode (Saturday 7th July). Take newbie Theo, for example… He did not hesitate mugging Jonny off by taking Tyla in the recoupling. 

The sheer hypocrisy in Jonny’s reaction to last nights recoupling is real, and I often see it happen in the real world too. He had the nerve to overreact when Theo was speaking to Tyla, yet expected Camilla to be calm about him and Tyla (She was upset, but what if she did?). Karma has hit Jonny right in the face, and it is the greatest moment on the show so far. 

Boys can be big gossips and are willing to pick a fight if they are not treated the way they’d like to be treated. This has happened frequently throughout the show and their horniness is very evidently shown in a nightclub. 


3) Girls will be girls… 

The same concept applies to girls as well as boys. Us girls can be just as horny as boys. Just as competitive as other girls. Girls are just as guilty of getting what they want as much as boys, no matter who they upset or anger. 

New girl from Essex, Georgia, came into the Villa last night and within five minutes she had the guts to couple up with Kem, one of the only boys in the Villa that had a girlfriend. Amber and Olivia seem to be the last girls in the Villa that anyone should be messing with, and Georgia has already pushed the buttons of one of them. An incredibly snakey move which will result in Amber reacting very badly. 

(Left to right) Jess, Olivia, Camilla, Chloe and Montana. 

Georgia’s decision to couple up with Kem is proof that girls can be just as bad as boys when it comes to relationships and getting what they want. It’ll be interesting to see how this situation develops. 

In the outside world, you would often hear stories or encounter situations where best friends fall out because of a guy or a friend would sleep with another friends boyfriend. All in which very complicated and controversial simultaneously. This is where rumours, gossip, and outright bitching occurs. 


4) Everyone likes a good gossip. 

Everyone is guilty of this… Curiosity is always a given in any situation. We are very hypocritical in the fact that we don’t like people talking about us behind our backs, but we are more than happy to receive and give information about either your closest friends or people you know… 

However, gossiping may be interpreted in different ways by the receiver, or gossipers may intentionally stir a story either to get a reaction out of someone or for the story to be blown out of proportion, resulting in arguments or relationships falling apart. 

Gossiping is seen an awful lot in the Villa and seen in everyday life… It is an inevitable thing to happen with the increase in social media and technology, on top of the attitudes and behaviour of teenagers and young adults in recent years. 

5) Don’t trust so easily.

This sounds awfully pessimistic, but it is something I often stand by. In these modern times, the use of social media and mobile phones makes it easier for people to speak to anyone. And by anyone, I’m referring to those in relationships, boys and girls alike, who flirt and ‘talk’ to other people. 

The people in the villa, however, seem to put their trust into others in the premises very quickly, very easily. All of the contestants are evidently attractive and will have very different types. They have only been in the villa for 3-4 weeks, yet some of the contestants seem to invest too much of their trust into the person they’re coupled up with. 


Amber Davies

6) If you feel like something’s there… don’t hesitate to progress. 

If you feel that there is a spark between you and someone you have just met that you are attracted to, don’t just stand idly by and wait for your other half to approach you about the subject, especially if both parties are too shy to talk about where they both stand. 

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville

This is often shown on Love Island, most likely because it is only on for 4-6 weeks, the couples have to confront each other about the statuses of their relationships. However, it is also very common for people in the outside world not to admit their feelings for other people. That may be down to confidence issues or fear of rejection.  Nonetheless, a relationship is not going to progress if you don’t take the initial risk in establishing it. You may find someone who is perfect for you but not says anything to them. Take a risk and make it happen.